Your wedding planning journey starts here

Ukrainian Brides:Your wedding planning journey starts here

Ukrainian Brides

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Ukrainian brides have become more choosy and foreign grooms more suspicious. But they still can't do without each other: for some it's a chance to get out of the country, for others it's a chance to find an enviable wife.

"Ukrainian women are smiling, few of them smoke or drink alcohol, and they have respect for men in their genes," the website of a Kharkov marriage agency designed for foreign grooms assures in English. The website also claims that women in Ukraine are always excellent-looking and devoted mothers and lovers. And they are ready to make do with little, because they "are used to difficult life in conditions of the Ukrainian economy"Olga says.

Next comes the base of brides - studio photos, frank outfits, formal hairstyles. After this you go to the database of foreign suitors, most of whom are not young and do not look like models, and you feel dissonance. Many of them still believe the appealing texts about Ukrainian women. This is confirmed by the statistics: in Kyiv's Central Registry Office alone, almost a thousand marriages to foreigners are registered annually.

A mail order bride is a girl who creates a profile on a particular agency's website and formally announces to the world that she is seeking a partner from a partner (usually an American).
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